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We want to help you help others. Our platform provides features that make managing classes easier, so you can focus on teaching. Here are the benefits of our platform:

List classes for free

Simple booking process

Easy and secure online payments

Dashboard and management tools

Notification and communication tools

How it works

Once you have an activated account with us, you can start creating classes. These classes will be listed and discoverable as soon as they meet the minimum requirements.

Students can buy tickets to your class using our secure payment system. A 10% commission will be taken from the tickets sale to cover transactional and administrative fees.

If you have a class with flexible schedule and do not wish to use Jooclass payment system, you are free to organise payments privately but at your own risk.

Schedule types

We understand that every teacher's needs vary depending on how they want to teach their classes. Some may want to teach classes at certain times every week, others may want to talk to their students first before locking in the time. That is why we support Flexible and Fixed schedule types:

  • Classes have flexible session times.
  • Students sends session requests.
  • Teacher and students use the private chat system to decide session details.
  • Student can buy tickets using Jooclass payment system.
  • Alternatively, payments can be organised privately and the teacher can mark the ticket as paid.
  • Classes have weekly session times.
  • Students buy class tickets using Jooclass payment system.
  • Students use tickets on the sessions that works for them.

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